MK 354 Spring 2010

April 26, 2010

The End of the Bully

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Following up on a the recent news story in which a South Hadley teen committed suicide after being continually bullied at school, Massachusetts has passed legislation designed to prevent bullying altogether.  The bill received bipartisan support, passing unanimously, 148-0.  The law bans bullying completely and calls for schools to create bullying prevention programs.  There is an opportunity here for the Cooperative Artists Institute to create a program specifically designed to help schools follow this legislature.  The CAI’s unique style of using art to form interpersonal connections between students is an ideal way to educate students about the dangers of bullying in a way that will stick with them better than a teacher simply lecturing them.  This government mandated education creates a need that the CAI fills very aptly and can certainly lead to more business for the organization if played correctly.  The CAI should be actively contacting local schools offering its services.

In conjunction with a new program, why not start an anti-bullying day?  The CAI already works within schools to prevent bullying so the idea fits in perfectly with the organization’s mission of creating a unified community.  Plus, it would be a great way to gain free publicity.  The CAI could even hold an event honoring the occasion.  An anti-bullying day would call awareness to both the increasingly prominent issue of bullying and also to the CAI itself.  The CAI can, like the state of Massachusetts, send a very clear message; bullying is wrong and has no place in civilized society.


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