MK 354 Spring 2010

April 26, 2010

Bullying 2.0

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Has bullying been made easier through the use of social media? I would definitely say yes. Cases such as Phoebe Prince’s show the severe effects that cyber bullying can have on youth. Prince ended up committing suicide after nearly three months of apparently routine torment by students at the school, via text messages and social networking site Facebook.  The 15-year-old’s mother made a point to talk to school staff members about the treatment of her daughter, yet nothing was done. In a news report titled “Some Parents Outraged No School Officials Charged in Teen Cyberbullying Case ” seen on Good Morning America, Massachusetts state representative John Scibak voiced his opinion saying, “I think if people knew about it and did not report it, this is a very serious allegation and one that really needs to be investigated.”

Phoebe Prince


Out of this anger has come legislation to fight back against cyberbullying. Scibak says that it would “require that schools provide training to parents, to teachers, to students, that incidents of bullying must be reported [and] the principal, upon hearing that determines whether this should go to law enforcement officials. The parents of the bully as well as the victim must be called in [and] it needs to be addressed.”

I am in complete support of this legislation. It is unfathomable that nothing was done even when Prince’s mother went to staff members. However, it also shows the lack of social media education in schools. In addition to this legislation I think that there should be mandatory workshops dedicated to informing school faculty about cyberbullying and how to handle it in real life situations. It is obvious that staff had no idea how to handle Prince’s situation and thought it was out their hands because the bullying didn’t occur on school property. It is time that social media experts make a change and teach others that any kind of bullying will not be tolerated in the new millennium.


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