MK 354 Spring 2010

February 14, 2010

Google is Rock Solid

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To me, “concrete” messaging invokes the idea of “show not tell” strategy. Evident in Heath’s example of Jane Elliot’s class of elementary school children who learned the harsh reality of segregation through first-hand experience on both ends of discrimination, concrete and tangible content produces the stickiest messages.

The most recent and apparent example of the “show not tell” aspect of concrete messaging is the Google “Parisian Love” ad from the Super Bowl last week. The ad follows a man through his experience on the search engine site. It chronicles a romance in Paris and the joys of life stages, adding emotional flare and an approachable tone without ever introducing an actual character on screen. The commercial is just a montage of sequential Google searches. In this ad, the message is concrete because it gives visual verification of how the service works and how it relates and fits in to the target’s life. There is no obscure plot, nor does the ad attempt to verbally “tell” or persuade you to use the service.

A message that is concrete, gives an audience something to firmly grasp and hold on to. If there is this substantial concept to hang on to, product and brand recall are more likely to occur. I think it’s also important to note how concreteness and simplicity often go hand-in-hand. If a message is direct and uncomplicated (so long as it is relevant) it is more likely to be concrete. Google’s new ad is both simple and concrete, uncluttered by superfluous storyline.


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