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January 30, 2010

Silly Skittles

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Last night at three am, the girls I live with and I spontaneously erupted in howls imitating a fantastical creature from my favorite commercial. Unprovoked, we yelped “LOOHHHHH LOOOOHHHH LOH LOH LOHHHHHHHHH LOHHHH LOHHHHHHHH LOHHHHHH” in high wandering melody down our hall, as if this was something completely normal. Inspired by the Skittles brand and its outrageously creative television spots, my roommates and I now ritually chant the belting bunny’s cry.

As a candy brand, Skittles faces a difficult obstacle when it comes to conveying a key selling point. No one NEEDS candy. We all have our own preferences and tastes when it comes to sweet treats. Why should we grab for a bag of the chewy rainbow pieces instead of some other candy bar? The company embraces this “problem” and emphasizes the fact that candy has no function other than to exist for enjoyment and indulgence. Candy is bright and silly and playful. Skittles is the MOST bright and silly and playful. Skittles is magical. This is the CORE of the candy brand.

The current Skittles campaign is simple. Referring to the idea of the “commander’s intent” in Made to Stick, Skittles communicates (rather, SCREAMS) just one single idea . . . the product is outrageously magical. You don’t need a reason to eat Skittles. You eat them because there is no reason to eat them.

I don’t even like chewy and fruity candies, but EVERYTIME I see a Skittles commercial, I am struck with a craving because I want to experience the ludicrous magic. How the heck do you “taste the rainbow?” It’s not possible, but it IS magical.



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